Welcome to the Basic Online Courses

These courses are part of the FLC Upholstery Training Systems framework, and more importantly: They are your ideal point of entry. 

These six courses have been designed for you to complete outside of the classroom, and are yours to keep and review forever. They are self-paced and feature detailed video demonstrations you can watch as many times as you like. They include downloadable resources like blank forms, self-assessments and comprehension checks to help you determine if you’ve mastered the information sufficiently to move on. 

Courses are intended to be completed sequentially unless otherwise noted, and as a level, have two major goals: 1. Give you a small-but-viable menu of upholstery services in order to get you to market as soon as reasonably possible. 2. To equip you with the skills and information we’ll be building on in the intermediate courses. 

Online courses are designed to integrate with Virtual Instructor Support and Hands-on Classes. If you feel stuck or need experienced feedback, check out our Virtual Instructor page. Before moving on to the Intermediate Courses, we’d recommend attending a hands-on class if possible.


  • Video Instruction

    In-depth video instruction filled with skilled demonstration. We know exactly where students need close ups, explanations and details. It’s just like watching someone in their workroom, except you can review as many times as you’d like.

  • Self Assessment

    Check your work with supplied checklists and check your comprehension with additional questions that will help you explore beyond this project.

  • Printable Resources

    Step-by-step instructions, reference materials, and full course packets you can save and/or print for future reference.

Virtual Instructor Support

Personal help when and where you need it.

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