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This course should be explored as part of your basic level WHEN you begin to encounter coil springs. We will demonstrate on a small chair and an ottoman, but you will see this common spring system frequently in a variety of projects. 

The process of tying coil springs is satisfyingly technical and challenging - and the ability to navigate foundation work is one of the competencies that defines a professional upholsterer as opposed to a hobbyist. This course covers the most basic version of a coil sprung seat - that which has a hard edge such as you’d see in an upholstered side chair with no removable cushion. 

This course will demonstrate in clear video detail each step in the spring tying process. We’ll explain what the objectives are in each step, and how to best achieve them. You’ll also find an in-depth course guide to download and take into your workroom as a resource each time you encounter this system. As always, we’ve included self-assessments and comprehension checks so you can evaluate your own results. 

By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident with a very critical foundation process, and be prepared in the future to explore it’s more complex cousin, "coil springs with a wire edge". 

Hidden below the pretty fabric, is the important foundation work of an upholsterer. This course explains webbing and 8-way hand tied springs, used in custom upholstery projects. 

This course created in partnership with The Workroom Channel.


  • Video Instruction

    In-depth video instruction filled with skilled demonstration. We know exactly where students need close ups, explanations and details. It’s just like watching someone in their workroom, except you can review as many times as you’d like.

  • Self Assessment

    Check your work with supplied checklists and check your comprehension with additional questions that will help you explore beyond this project.

  • Printable Resources

    Step-by-step instructions, reference materials, and full course packets you can save and/or print for future reference.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to experience this online course

    • Getting Started

    • Tools and materials

  • 2

    Webbing and Tying Springs

    • Getting Started

    • Webbing

    • Spring Placement and stitching

    • Tying back to fronts

    • Tying side to sides

    • Tying diagonally

    • Burlap

    • Edge Roll

    • Technique Overview

    • Instructions for Coil springs with a hard edge

    • Self Assessment

  • 3


    • Methods

    • Video of Clove Hitch

    • Stitching burlap to coil springs

    • Vocabulary

  • 4

    Next Steps...

    • Coil Springs with a Hard Edge - next steps

    • Full packet download

    • Practice Log

    • Photo of your work

    • Survey


5 star rating

Professional Upholsterer

Rhonda Shanahan

I love this course. It is by far the best spring tying instruction I have seen. I rewatch this as a refresher when I'm doing spring work. Knowing how to do a...

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I love this course. It is by far the best spring tying instruction I have seen. I rewatch this as a refresher when I'm doing spring work. Knowing how to do an 8 way tie on coil springs is invaluable. It was a game changer when I added this to my upholstery skills.

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