Your upholstery journey starts here.

A basic, boxed cushion is the single, most marketable skill any new professional can possess. In addition, it is an ideal project from which to start developing your sewing fluency. 

Before beginning this course, you should have a machine you are comfortable operating (a residential machine is acceptable). 

This course will introduce many basic terms and skills that you’ll need in order to move on, such as: How to cut and label fabric, how to read a cut list and diagram, how to turn a sewn corner, how to make welting, how to accurately align centers and corners, and how to make a basic zipper panel. 

This course gives in-depth video and downloadable instruction on how to create two sample-sized boxed cushions - one without welt, and one with. Additionally, there are downloadable resources and forms to help you translate your skills into planning a basic, boxed cushion from scratch.

By the end of this course, students will be prepared to start practicing professional-quality basic, boxed cushions, and can move onto slip seats for basics “at the bench”.


  • Video Instruction

    In-depth video instruction filled with skilled demonstration. We know exactly where students need close ups, explanations and details. It’s just like watching someone in their workroom, except you can review as many times as you’d like.

  • Self Assessment

    Check your work with supplied checklists and check your comprehension with additional questions that will help you explore beyond this project.

  • Printable Resources

    Step-by-step instructions, reference materials, and full course packets you can save and/or print for future reference.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to experience this online course

    • Getting started

    • Tools & Materials

  • 2

    Making a Boxed Cushion (without welt)

    • Boxed Cushion Video

    • Instructions for boxed cushion without welt

    • Self assessment

  • 3

    Making a Welted Boxed Cushion

    • Video - Boxed Cushion with welt

    • Instructions for boxed cushion with welt

    • Self assessment with welt

  • 4


    • Methods

    • Vocabulary

    • Foam Selection

    • Blank Cut List

    • Tool Inventory for Basic Courses

    • Video - Making single welt

    • Video of how to join welt cord

    • Video overview of Consew 226 (Industrial walking foot sewing machine)

    • Video overview of Juki 241 (Industrial walking foot sewing machine)

  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • Variations

    • Full packet download

    • Practice Log

    • Photo of your work

    • Survey