The Start of Your Fundamentals Journey.

Boxed Cushions: Fundamentals is the first two courses of the FLC Upholstery 200: Fundamentals Program. Boxed cushions are typically part of a larger upholstery project (such as cushion for a wingback chair), or can be their own stand alone project (such as a window cushion). The Boxed Cushions: Fundamentals courses give students an overview of sewing machines and details of the sewing process to make a boxed cushion.  

Once you have completed Boxed Cushions: Fundamentals, you can upgrade to the complete FLC Upholstery 200: Fundamental Programs. The Fundamentals Programs is an in-depth online program, designed to get your upholstery skills launched on solid, professional footing. This program includes 11 courses designed to build your professional skill set. At the beginning of each course, students will review a detailed video demonstration and written instructions before attempting to complete a short project. Each course includes quizzes, self-assessments, and downloadable forms. Attention is given throughout to how concepts may be translated to real work. 

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