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These online courses have been designed to give you the fundamentals you’ll need to begin your professional upholstery journey.  Each includes in-depth video demonstration and downloadable guides to help put your skills to practice. 

This training pathway is designed to move you in steps towards technical proficiency, and should be covered in order. Some courses explore single key concepts, while others cover an entire project. By the end of our basic level, you should have a small-but-viable menu of professional upholstery skills. 

Students should anticipate experience as a critical component of educational success. Each course includes recommendations on how to apply your new knowledge “outside the box” through variations and progressions. Practice is essential.

These courses are designed to be combined with virtual instructor support and hands-on classes for best effect. These additional resources will give you individualized guidance on how to maximize your unique path.

For more information on how our full training system is designed, visit thefunkylittlechair.com  

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